Mattress Construction Styles... Which One is Right for Me?

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  • 07 Jan, 2017

Construction Styles

Tight Top:

  • In either one or two sided models, the construction is as the name implies. Support cores, cushioning layers and quilt layers are assembled and then enclosed with two beads of binding tape.

Pillow Top:

  • Pillow tops can take the form of a "knife-edge" pillow top or a "super" pillow top that has a much rounder edge to the pillow structure.
  • Like with the tight top construction, a support core, and cushioning layers are assembled with an "inner panel" that has a strip of quilted material or "gusset" attached to it. It is then closed top and bottom with a binding tape seam or bead.
  • Additional cushioning is positioned on top of the "inner panel" and the quilted panel placed on top of that.
  • The assembly gets closed one more time with a bead of tape.

Euro Top:

  • Similar in construction to the pillow top with the exception that the gusset and mattress border are attached to the inner panel with binding tape prior to assembly.
  • The gusset goes straight up to the quilted panel rather than being recessed farther in to the inner panel.
  • The mattress is closed similar to a tight top.

Box Top:

  • This construction is like a pillow top with an additional euro-like gusset attached to it with a separate binding tape bead. This construction usually has a firm foam "comfort tray" with firm rails around the perimeter and then more luxurious cushioning materials filling the "tray".
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  • In either one or two sided models, the construction is as the name implies. Support cores, cushioning layers and quilt layers are assembled and then enclosed with two beads of binding tape.
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Please note, these are approximate sizes. We invite you to visit one of our Northwest Bedding locations to see exact mattress sizes!

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How do you describe to someone the "firmness" of an object? Usually you would make a comparison with some other object, i.e., "as hard as a rock", "as soft and light as a feather". How about just the concept of "firm" itself? It's rather subjective. A lot of consumers have said over the years that "my mother told me to buy a firm mattress". What did she mean? Firm as in "hard", or firm as in "supportive"? There's firm/hard like cement, or there's firm/supportive like the cushions on a new sofa. You would have a hard time dozing off while lying on a cement floor, but you probably, quite often, doze off while lying on the sofa.
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According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, it is more difficult to take in new information after a night of inadequate or poor sleep and, surprisingly, it is just as important to get a good night’s sleep after learning something new in order to process and retain that information. Also, undisturbed sleep is very important when learning new skills that require motor coordination and performance (athletic skills, work skills)
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Talalay latex cores and comfort layers have the most incredible feel of any sleep surface available. It is resilient, luxurious, breathable and incredibly comfortable. Unlike any other sleep surface you've experienced before, Talalay latex is pliable, yet supportive. It responds to your body's curves without that feeling like you're sinking in wet sand as is true with certain memory foams. When you need to reposition yourself during sleep, you can. Latex is resilient, responsive and recovers immediately. You won't have a tendency to wake up "holding on" while the sleep surface recovers its original shape.
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If you're like most consumers shopping for a mattress, chances are you haven't been in the market for 8 to 12 years. Many people have commented that they'd prefer having a root canal rather than go through the hassle and confusion of shopping for a mattress!

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Like all support layers, innersprings control how deeply your body is permitted to sink into the mattress. This is one of the most affordable support cores, so there is no surprise that it is also the most popular. Innerspring mattresses vary in coil count and gauge size, but they basically fall under one of the four categories: bonnell, continuous, offset, and pocket. So, although most mattresses pretty much look the same from the outside, they are all very unique inside. With Innerspring support cores, wire coils comprise the support structure of innerspring mattresses. A heavy duty border wire provides support to the coils to help reduce sagging, so it can better retain its shape.  
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