Warranty Info

Northwest Bedding Warranty Information

Proof of Purchase
Our warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of the product. The customer must provide proper documentation of proof of purchase. Absence of proper documentation voids the warranty.

Body Impressions
Body impressions are inherent and to be expected in mattresses with soft, plush sleeping surfaces. Just as a shoe conforms to your foot, the more plush upholstery materials in today's mattresses will conform and customize itself to your individual body shape creating a "body signature".

Center Ridge
Due to the fact the middle 18" of a king sized mattress normally does not get used, the comfort cushioning does not get broken in. In addition, there are two foundations beneath the mattress so you will feel a ridge developing down the center of the mattress. The only remedy is to use or sleep in the middle of the mattress.

Proper Support
Queen and King sized mattress sets need a proper bedframe supporting the center of the set. Such bedframe would include at least one cross member with a fifth leg supporting the center of the bed.

Soiling Or Stains
Any type of stain or soiling of unknown origin on the mattress will void the warranty. It is a good idea to protect your investment with a quality mattress protector.

Mattress Repair
Should your mattress be deemed to be defective under the conditions of the stated warranty, Northwest Bedding will repair the defective product as needed. If identical materials are no longer available, materials of comparable quality and performance will be used in the repair.

Prorated Charges
Repair charges will apply after the non prorated part of the warranty has expired. They are based on the percentage of use times the purchase price of the product. Please check your Warranty Card to determine the non-prorated length of your mattress warranty.

Inspections are done at the Northwest Bedding plant. We do not have personnel to provide in-home inspections. You must send in picture documentation to support your claim (see instructions for acceptable picture documentation).

Transportation costs to transport your mattress to and from the Northwest Bedding Factory is the responsibility of the consumer. Northwest Bedding offers home pick-up and delivery service for a nominal fee of $50.00 each way for pick-up and delivery or $100 (plus tax) in our normal delivery area.

Loaner Beds
Due to health regulations, Northwest Bedding cannot supply loaner mattresses.

The manufacturer does not warrant comfort and/or firmness. Comfort is a judgment made by each individual consumer. Additionally, the manufacturer makes no health claims regarding its products.

Go to Warranty Claim Form on our website and download a PDF version or call or write to our main office and a form will be sent to you to fill out.

You can send the completed form and required documentation in an email to warranty@nwbedding.com or you may mail the form and documentation to our main offices to "Attn: Warranty Claims"

You must include documentation of proof of purchase. Failure to do so will result in rejection of your claim.

You must verify that your product is free of stains or soiling by signature on the claim form. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of your claim.

Since we cannot do home inspections, you must provide us with five photos:

  1. The frame that the bed sits on
  2. The foundation/boxspring
  3. The top of the mattress
  4. Two photos of the defect from different angles

If the defect is a body impression greater than 1 1/2”, you must provide photo(s) of the actual depth of the depression:
  1. Remove all bedclothes (sheets, pad, blankets, etc) from the mattress
  2. Place a straight edge that spans across the area of the depression (usually the hip area)
  3. Measure with a ruler from the surface of the depression to the bottom of the straight edge
  4. Measure from center of the padded area. Do NOT measure from a stitched line of the quilting pattern. Do NOT put a golf ball or similar object in the tack pattern and compare to the straight edge.
  5. You may want to put something solid like a piece of paper or card stock on the bed to measure to in order to result in an accurate measurement.
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